Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It

AHH! It's the last Monday before I head back to work. We go back on Friday (yes, Friday) so that we get a little longer at Christmas. We just got back from a last "hoorah" before school starts. We went with some of our best friends to Gatlinburg!

Now, on to Monday Made It. 

These are my books that I was going through in order to organize my library. I took out all of the chapter books and older kids books.

Neatly put back in "order." I had to print off more labels, so those are coming!

These are my books that I don't really let the kids use. They are the ones that I spent more that $1 on :)

I ran across my "Teenie Beanie Babies" this summer and thought these would be the best "reading buddies." We'll see how it goes!

This is really what I made :) I bought this table at a Thrift Store, got paint chips from Lowes, and modge podged them onto the table. I'm excited how it turned out! I still have to seal it!

My last three days of "freedom" are going to include the dentist (ugh), a massage, pedicure, resting, a few more projects, and who knows what else! 

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